Hearthlings are hungry even when... There's food still available?

As you can clearly see, I have tasty, delicious, and nutritious food available in my inventory. However, they don’t feel like eating :frowning:

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Welcome to the forum, @bunnyluvr3000 :slightly_smiling_face:

Which mods are you using?
Can the hearthlings reach where the food is stored?

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Yeah easily. There’s no different floors or anything.

The mod I’m using is the up-to-date cooking mod

Huh ok…I noticed it’s my war party that’s the only ones that are hungry

I’ve heard that the cooking mod might be involved in that bug about hunger.

But it could also be the clerics fault. Could you upload your savefile?

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Sigh never mind. My party started eating for some reason -w- yay

Did you reload or something? :thinking:

Sometimes the clerics tend to drag the rest of the party when they are healing around town, but it shouldn’t be strong enough as to make the others starve. If you see this happening again, feel free to bump this thread and upload the savefile so that we can take a look at it.

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No reloads at all o_o I just kept playing like normal. But I’ll definitely bump and upload my savefile when it happens again


i was playing offline using crates when suddenly villagers started to go hungry. I looked up online and found that this is a known bug. apparently the hearthlings wont get food out of crates

Hmm really? What about stone chests? Cuz i have alot of those laying around everywhere

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That isn’t true, though, @pops. I store raw and cooked food in crates and chests all the time.

What mods are you running when you see this behavior, please?

Not running any mods. The game froze, had a villager stuck on roof, after I put ladder up and got villager down then they couldn’t or wouldn’t eat. After I removed food from crate their health went back to full.

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If you see hearthlings having trouble doing stuff, can you check the colored bar on the bottom, and let us know if your CPU is pegged, and if so by what? Hearthlings share brain pathfinding power with each other, so if there’s a lot of load on a town, everyone gets very slow all at once.

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