Hearthlings don't eat some of the cook's food


Expected Results: Hearthlings eating cook’s food.

Actual Results: They’re not eating them.

Version Number and Mods in use: release -524 (x64), No mods

System Information: Windows 10 / Geforce Gtx 570 / 20G Ram / Intel core i7

what did you let the cook make and what are they not eating specifically.

So yep, I didn’t try with any type of food, because I can’t get all, but what I know is that the vegetable stew doesn’t work. Thanks for the look !

Well they’re eating it when there’s nothing left, but hearthligns are eating basket of carrot before and then they say that they don’t want more carrots. This is making my hearthlings really sad, please be kind with them !

add the savefile so we can check what’s happening

Welcome to the forum, @zeludo.

Are the baskets of carrots closer than the vegetable stews to where the hearthlings are?

This problem has happened before, but I’m not sure that it’s a bug. But they should be eating the stews anyway (you could try removing all the raw food and see what happens).

There’s a discussion about it:

I also agree that they should prioritize cooked food. The fact that they are complaining is inavoidable in this case :disappointed_relieved: