Heathlings not eating preferred foods

I have at least 30 of all the different meals and foods and I only have 28 heathlings. I have a Hearthling that is a carnivore and he is complaining he had to eat a plant when there is plenty of meat foods for him to eat. plus I have a bunch of Hearthlings that are complaining about eating raw food I have plenty of cooked food for them to eat so I don’t understand why they don’t eat the food they would prefer.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. have large variety of foods and lots of each
  2. observe Heathling complaining about food

Expected Results:
Hearthlings only eating foods that they would like
Actual Results:
Hearthings don’t eat foods that they wouldn’t like
this bug still hasn’t been fixed. I remember hearing that this issue was resolved but it’s still here in the latest version


Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:


Could you upload the savefile, @Kodi4444?

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Stonehearth saved game.zip (4.2 MB)