Food priority in regards to cooked food

Just noticed that cooked food acts just as any food, wouldn’t it make more sense for Hearthlings to eat cooked food if avaliable as opposed to eating raw veggies having cooked food right beside them?


This would be excellent. As would be a “shelves” type furniture for storing food, visibly, within your dining hall. Maybe hearthlings could look for a food source nearest a dining table?

Would be great to see food go off after a few days, or attracting a vermin event if you overhoarded. Also food should spoil if left outdoors, to encourage the use of crates or a barn.


or crates in a barn…


Build that barn inside an even bigger barn… “Time to spoilage - 15 years, 17 days”


Bah, the only way to impress me is to build a barn in a crate… ;o)


how about building a barn that is a crate?

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I was looking for some information on the raw and cooked food much like original poster but seems his query was side tracked big time, I’ve noticed also hearthlings eating raw foods sitting next to cooked.

I also noticed that it says in the update that cooked food last longer, all my hearthlings rush to dine all at the same time no matter which type of meal they had before.

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I don’t know if this is still happening for others, but it’s happening for me on the 524 x64 release.

So far the hearthlings prefer everything raw to cooked food. There is a cooked food only stockpile, but it is next to another stockpile that has only raw materials.

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I’d like to bump this and say this is still happening. Hearthlings on the newest version (latest build on steam) will always eat the closest object that’s edible instead of preferring cooked foods. For example, when it comes to lunch time and there’s a large harvest of raw foods, they’ll take the raw food and eat that instead of the 30 cooked stew that my chef spent hours slaving on over a hot…pot.

I, also, would like to bump this thread.

It seems that my cooking efforts are wasted when nobody eats any of the prepared food.

Is there any way we can have someone look into this?

In the meantime, who has had success getting their hearthlings to eat cooked food?

The trick is to use their behaviour to get them to do what you want. They go directly from wherever they are to whatever food is closer, so make sure that the cooked food is closer (from wherever they come from usually) than the raw food.

For example, have a “pantry” room with only one entrance/exit that contains the raw ingredients, and outside that room’s entrance/exit put your cooks (cauldron, oven, etc) and prepared food chests/crates/stockpile. In this case the cooked food has to be closer than the raw food (because they need to walk straight past the cooked food just to get to the raw food).

This doesn’t solve the problem completely (raw food can get eaten before it gets to the pantry), but it does/can solve most of the problem.

For the downside; it means people end up travelling further to store raw food, and you have a bit less freedom for “kingdom layout”.

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Thank you for your informative reply! :slight_smile:

I guess I will just have to put a barn to store produce just a little outside the main village area and then store the cooked food in the dining hall.

Do you think you could have a look and see if this is something that can be improved upon?

Yeah! We need option like this, to allow eat something or not! I though it is only my problem because I have farm near workshops and dinnig hall is farther with cooked food and citizens take raw food from farm to dinning hall :expressionless: