Any way to restrict Hearthlings from eating certain foods?

What the title says.

currently there is not a way to restrict what food gets eaten. :disappointed_relieved:

hopefully in the future they will prioritize cooked food over raw (assuming that’s the reason you want to restrict)

Hearthlings currently seem to prioritize closeness over quality. The best suggestion I’ve seen as a workaround for this is to put all of your raw food inside a storage room, i.e. restrict all storage inside to only raw foods and restrict all storage outside to no raw foods. Then put a couple storage units just outside the door that contain only cooked foods so that the cooked food is always closer.

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Yup, I had the same problem and someone suggested that I put my cook on the second floor of a building with all the raw food dropped off up there, and then on the first floor have all the cooked food dropped off with tables and chairs - like a restaurant : ). Works pretty well.

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Alas, no – not currently. We plan to have hearthlings prioritize cooked food (since it’s more nutritious) but haven’t tackled that yet.

So for now, hearthlings will eat whatever is closest. This of course does not bode well for vegan and lactose-intolerant hearthlings, but thems the breaks.


Perhaps you should add some outhouses for lactose related emergencies :worried: