Eat stew instead of raw food?

So… how can my heartlings prioritize made food, instead of raw???

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I always create a building with 2 rooms. One with tables and chairs for the hearthlings and one with cooking equipment. I then put a chest with a filter for cooked food in the eating area and one for raw food in the cooking area.

If you put the entrance at the eating area side the cooked food chest is closer to all hearthlings entering the building.
Because hearthlings always take the food source closest to them they’ll take the cooked food

If I get the chance I’ll take some screenshots to show you if you’d like


I had been trying to figure out a way to make sure the cooked food is closer every time in a similar method; but this is brilliant. The only case where it won’t work would be when the hearthling is already closer to raw food due to their job (e.g. a farmer who gets hungry just after harvesting, or a hauler who gets hungry while carrying raw food to the storage). There’s really nothing we can do about those cases, unfortunately; but they should be rare anyway.

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I’ve started leaving cooked food out in easy to access locations to try and prioritize it, but even then some still go for the raw stuff. I find they go for the raw food if they cannot access it, and then by default go to raw food.

MAYBE if it could be edited in the code that they wait for cooked food if it exists in the inventory before running straight to the raw foods?

I use a similar workaround as @Quryx.

Instead of use container however, I build a slab “table” and layout cooked food (2x11) in dining areas. I have many of those (a few big ones that can seat 12-16, a lot of small ones with just chairs for 2-4).

For raw food and ingredients, I try to keep them out of the way and only near the kitchen.

Seems to work fine most of the time.