Food Priority so Hearthlings Eat what's Best

I wasn’t sure now to phrase this, but I thought of a possible solution for the problem when hearthlings despite having a fairly wide variety of foods to choose from, continuously eat form that same pile of berries in storage.

Simply put, Introduce a bit of a single meal cooldown between choosing foods? Like say if a hearthling has decided to eat Berries for one meal, the next meal time they would prioritize any other food above Berries.

This way it might lessen the gripes about variety and a little less frustration on the player’s behalf!

edit: if to expand and make sure hearthlings are eatting the best food possible introduce a sort of priority system for food! With cooked food or well cooked giving +1 while raw foods are a +0 or -1, while also introducing the redundant -1, and for when cooks get their benefits implimented they could provide high quality or buffed foods which could get a +2 in priority.

Of course this is just me brainstorming haha. I’ve no idea if it’s implementable or not.


Food priority is already on Alpha 20, they will eat better quality food (for example, cooked food) before lower quality food (raw food).

Not sure about them repeating meals.


Haha, well part of me is glad I thought close enough about a feature that’s already in the game! Sorry for not reading build notes close enough >w</

But if possible I think a cooldown system would be beneficial, when I do play peaceful mode it’s about the only major gripe I have in my town. And that’s even after 2 cooks pumping out a small variety of food.