Eating different foods

I know the hearthlings already want to eat more then one food type but what if there was a record of their last meal or last two or three meals and the hearthling will look for another food type other then those listed to try and eat a more diverse diet. for instance the most recent type of food eaten would change it’s priority weight for that hearthling to a much lower one until he or she has had another meal or two and it goes back up.


I like this idea. I would love if Hearthlings were more personal (kind of like in rimworld) and if they got sad that would effect their willingness to work (instead of the speed at which they did it) and something like this would be great for helping make them happier, or add a different level of complexity to the game.

Pretty much if rimworld and Stonehearth had a baby, it would be the most beautiful game.

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I’ve had the same kind of idea too. Food already has a “quality” rating from 1 to 6 to determine what hearthlings are most likely to eat first. So all that is needed is for each hearthling to track a quality modifier for foodstuffs eaten. Every act of eating one thing accrues a cumulative -1 quality penalty for that one thing, and everything else has one point of penalty removed (if one exists).

That would mean that, after eating six servings of a quality 6 food (the best there is), a hearthling would even prefer a quality 1 food over eating the same thing yet again.


This would be amazing. It may be difficult for the engine to keep up with things that long though, especially if you have 40 Hearthlings…

It could actually be even simplier then that, give each food a buff that as long as the buff is active that type of food registers as a quality 1 food. let it maintain the buff for a day and an hour and it’d give the same effect…

Yeah that would be cool. Would love for this to be implemented. Fingers crossed!

A buff could end up being just as problematic though, as it would have to track a buff per hearthling that has eaten it (otherwise it’d count for all hearthlings at once, even if only one person ate that type of foodstuff). I think the original idea of each hearthling having a backlog of the last two to five meals seem more likely to work without unnecessary variable clutter.

Great idea btw, I hope it makes it into the base game eventually :smile:.