Dev 2534 - Hearthlings stuck organizing stockpiles

My hearthlings seem to be stuck in a loop constantly organizing my stockpiles when there’s other work to be done - specifically they seem to be very focused on one stockpile in particular. They’re just moving stuff around and not doing anything else when there are structures to build, mines to dig, etc. This might be why they aren’t eating (see my other thread here Dev 2534 - Hearthlings always hungry, there’s plenty of food). I might switch to crates…

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i have somewhat of an explanation for it:P
when you load the game, or when its dinner time the hearthlings drop their stuff where ever they are standing
(not 100% sure about this part)sometimes it happends on a storage ontop of an other item, the item isnt marked as “stored” and gets to be picked up again

when its picked up the spot gets marked as “emty”(even if the other item is still there)
if it happends with a few items at the same time you can get an infinite loop of picking up and dropping
ive mentioned it in a post before

and for the part that they are not eating, pause the game and let it prosess, they sometimes keep working untill the pathfinder can find its way

try changing the item filter to force some items out and maybe stopping the loop
but that can also give an issue as explained on the first part of my post

p.s. feel free to argue/disagree with any point(im also still learning these flaws)

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Thanks for the explanation (though I’m still trying to wrap my head around it… ). Still just a bug then? I might try a few things to see if they’ll snap out of it if this happens again.

i like to call it "undesired behavior"
you could also try placing new storage and removing the old
but this behavior sometimes also happends outside of storage
eliminating unreachable items also helps in diffrent ways(like the items on ladders)

I have run into this as well. They seem to prioritize organizing over anything else. A worker prioritization option would be nice.