Idling Crafters

Alpha 13 R483 - Idling Hearthlings

Hi all, I just had an issue where all of my specialised Hearthlings stopped processing their main jobs even when they had valid things to do.

I noticed that they were just standing around doing nothing but would occasionally run and drop an item in the stockpile. Looking around the map I saw I had a large amount of stones/ores laying about not being picked up even though I had stone chests set up specifically for them.

Looking at the stone chests I saw that they were both full, happily I had two more in storage (though a simple new stockpile would have worked) so I dropped them down to accept ores too. All my hearthlings sprang into action, collected up all the loose ore and as soon as that was done everyone got back to their normal jobs.

Great game, keep up the good work.

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That gives me an idea for a suggestion, as from the looks of it you don’t really have a bug to report. I hope you don’t mind if I use this to create a suggestion.

In the above example, TyreeC ran out of storage space, causing his Hearthlings to idle as they had no place to put new things. I think it might be helpful to add a small notice, not too annoying now, that would tell us that our storage space was running low. This might be a bit complicated as we can set specific boxes and areas for particular items. At times storage may be running out for stone block but not for food or other things. Another problem might be when you have a box capable of holding everything about to run out of space by placing a particular item that is also set somewhere else, yet the placement in that storage box will cause you to run out of space for everything else.

Sorry that was a bit complex, but I am sure you Dev guys could figure it out. A warning that storage is running low, and letting us know what products have no more space would be good.

I’m going to repost this in Suggestions from a n00b. Thanks for the report TyreeC.

There is still a problem of pathfinding and idling but it’s on their way :grin:

I believe it is a bug as my specialised hearthings (blacksmith, carpenter, etc) would not process their job queues (i.e. build a chest, or smelt ore) until enough storage space was provided. If it was only that they would not haul then it would be fine.