Idle hearthlings/no one hauling


Okay so I understand hearthlings will not haul items if there’s more important jobs like mining or building, or especially if town alert mode is active, but I’ve got it so all buildings are complete, there’s tonnes of stockpiles/crates/chests etc for loot to be put into, but every single one is all but empty with just a few items max. Every worker (14 of them, with 9 hearthlings with jobs on top) is idle, except for my carpenter, mason, weaver etc who all have stuff to craft, they won’t haul any items unless I save and load the save up, then theyll haul 1 item each, then go idle again. What on earth am I missing? They’ll all eat when needed, same for sleeping, but hauling items to my inventory? Nope. Any help would be appreciated as this has made my progress stagnant tbh. Running ACE and a couple building templates, but had this issue before a couple times, all before adding ACE/templates.


Are you sure that your inventory is not full? If your town’s inventory is full, they can’t pick up more items to store them. Try selling a bunch of unused stuff to a trader and see if that fixes it. Your storage is only increased by the number of hearthlings you have.


Got about 2900 items, out of 3750 limit. Inventory is 100% not full, they will harvest bushs and cut down trees etc no problem and create more items that they won’t haul lol. I can’t sell anything to traders as it’s not in my actual inventory (in storage) it’s just on the floor everywhere so i can’t access it to sell to clear room etc.


not sure if it works still, but lay a stockpile down wherever the items are laying randomly and they should get added to that stockpile.


And the stockpiles/crates have filters set that allow those items to be stored in them?


About 2 months ago when I has this issue that did work, but doesnt do a thing now, I can put down a 10x10 stockpile beside a bunch of logs where trees have been cut down and nothing happens now.


Yeah stockpiles/crates are all filtered to have stuff in, a couple are filtered to just resources/food etc, but 90% of them are filtered to everything