Hearthling therapist woes

it seems theres a few problems with it,

my guards who have only haul checked are building
my blacksmith who only has job listed seems to be taking forever to make the items in que, I asked for 50 of each tin copper and bronze bars and its taken nearly 10 min to make about 11 of them on 3 times speed.
I unchecked all but haul on everyone but my guards and my farmers just went idle.
ive also had aobut 3 of my Hearthlings die due to starvation because they were not goin to the farm to get food or to haul the items fomr anywere to the stockpiles

there was also one point were I suspended all but haul and only a few of my Hearthlings were moving things to the stockpile

Sometimes they all go idle(crafters) and to start them back up I click all the boxes and unclick them.
Saving and reloading will sometimes start them back up but they will shortly later go idle.It’s all
I’ve got for you as a fix.Good luck:D

still having this problem, the saving /loading , resetting trick or the unchecking and rechecking of the boxes lasts mabey a min at most, right now my Hearthlings are dyeing of starvation because my farmers are planting and tilling but they are letting the crops rot and they are not hauling either
wondering if the @8BitCrab or @jomaxro can point me to the right person to harass :innocent:

Not going to point you to anyone to “harass”, but I believe @brad may be able to shed some light on the issue.

that works, was not sure who to page or who would be the best person to ask about this