Herthlings are idle?

Hearthlings aren’t working at their stations even though they have the materials in front of them
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to any workstation (Preferably Carpenter or Blacksmith)
  2. Queue up an item
  3. Wait and sometimes it will say they are “idle” even though they have things queued up

Expected Results:
Herthling will pick up item and craft something
Actual Results:
Herthling stands still and it says they are "idle"
Sometimes it will not trigger but it still happens a lot.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 17 and i dont have any mods in use
System Information: Lenovo k 450 e PC with windows 10

I’m having a similar problem, but my problem is more around mining I was mining and for zero reason they stopped. So I saved and reloaded the game and they still wont mine. And they are being classed as idle.

I’m running the latest dev build on steam.


StoneHearth Map. Steam Dev Build 3109.zip (3.5 MB)
(Same downloads just two different links)
P.S. I know the game is paused but even when I’ve unpaused they wont start mining.

@collico12, could you upload your savefile where the bug is happening so we can take a look?

@ern114, your hearthlings need to reach the grass part of the mining zone in order to proceed with the mining, but the ladder placed on the corner doesn’t touch the ground, so they can’t get out of the hole.

You’ll have to demote your farmer or footman to worker temporarily, and tell them to build a ladder into the mine to free your hearthlings.


How do i upload my save?

  • Go to the folder where you have Stonehearth installed.
  • Inside it, you should see a folder called saved_games.
  • This folder contains all of your savefiles. Each savefile is composed of 4 files, so find the one that you want to upload (maybe it’s the first one, or look at the screenshots of the saves to find it).
  • Once you have it, compress the folder (the 4 files) and upload it here (there’s an upload button in the reply toolbar, or just drag the zip into the reply text box).

If the savefile is too big, Discourse won’t allow uploading so you might have to upload it to a free hosting site like Dropbox or Google Drive and share the download link here.


1472590876240.zip - Google Drive Here it is I forgot which workstation so just check them all.

Hmm… @collico12, to workaround this, make your hearthlings loot the wood or other ingredients you might need.

I will ask the devs, something is wrong…

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I have problems with that my hearthlings doesn’t finish constructions. This usually occurs when I have atleast over 12 hearthlings.

@Anders_Holmberg, if you have buildings that are not being finished, you can post them here: [A18/A19] The buildings my hearthlings will not build (round 3!)

Although if you’ve noticed that it’s always after your town has a certain number of hearthlings, that might be a different problem.

Thanks! I will try to loot the items until it is fixed. I realize this is a in-dev game so i’m not complaining. I love Stonehearth and it is one of my favorite games! Keep going!


Hi @collico12
I can’t seem to download the save file you’ve uploaded. :frowning: Is there any chance you could upload it again?

That’s weird, I can download it fine with the :arrow_down: icon at the top right :worried: Is it being slow or freezing for you?

The carpenter is supposed to be crafting, but has no available wood. However, the inventory shows 11 oak logs, but they’re nowhere to be seen (all the logs are red, they need to be looted).

When you get the file, check the two oak logs next to the stone / ore stockpiles:

Those two oak logs are part of your inventory because when I destroy them they disappear from inventory.
They have both this lease, and they pertain to the goblins:

There are no monsters left in the savefile, but there’s a lot of clutter in the ground, including lots of wood from the goblins and the forest factions.


Yang said she was having issues with the link hanging. I sent it to her, so she should have it now.

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Do you want me to re send it then or not?

Nope, all good! I got the file to Yang directly. Expect an update from her next week.

Guess what :stuck_out_tongue: i managed to get all my workers cept farmers go in to idle despite being a lot of work for them.

Not sure what causes it. (mainly workers thats my issue tho since they need to haul stuff )

But still got my trusty save :stuck_out_tongue: riddled with all the bugs you can dream of :stuck_out_tongue:

So here’s latest save with idle workers !


v18 release 663

Should be noted that they will do some tasks like removing furniture or setting up furniture but hauling is completely ignored as i can tell.

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I’m having a similar problem with my weaver. He’s got plenty of materials to craft with, but suddenly stopped working on the loom. I hope this problem gets resolved soon, but I’ll start over in a new town for the time being.

Could any of these problems be caused by craftsmen having low spirit (lazy)?

if its just your weaver try removing their work benches and setting them up again…