R875 All Hearthlings Idle

My Hearthlings don’t want to do anything, they are just eating, sleeping and resting by the fire. The only one that is doing his job is the Footman. I tried reloading the save more than once and the issue is still there.

The save can be downloaded from here: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/6mszl7fll1n9yje,2dnv0f4k3ya6c43,kdq24aq814rv6ay,99731x5fxiu6kf6/shared

Please note that I am using some mods as well as the Canyon Biome.

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Can you also mention your system specs? CPU, etc?

I looked at this save. There’s a mining zone that should be accessible, but mistakenly considered inaccessible. We’re looking into that. Other than that, there’s simply nothing for the hearthlings to do. There are no building projects, no space for restocking, and the queued crafting jobs are missing materials.


Would it be hard to put a warning of sorts in max? A sort of if crafter is idle, AND missing materials, give a missing materials popup? Since I see people asking you this more often

Thanks a lot for the help, I gave them a bunch of stuff to do and noone’s idle anymore. I also got rid of that mining zone by using instant mine and gave them an easier spot to mine.

For some reason they don’t want to finish the “Apartments” building I have on the Cliff, so I’m going to have to build it again.