1. Idle Hearthlings and 2. no more Merchants and 3. Items dont get picked up

  1. So I’ve played this game in the same world for like 20 hours or so now and i have 35 heartlings or so and it happens a lot that even though they should make a job or they are hungry or something they keep standing around. Some of them already died becuase they just were to lazy to go to eat or something. The food isnt the matter since i have really much.

  2. At the beginning I got a merchant like every day twice or so while i had no wares to sell. Now while i have soo many stuff i need to sell there dont appear ANY merchants. In like 20 ingame days there only appeared 2 Caravans that wanted to trade chairs for curtains.

  3. I raided some enemy villages and chopped down some trees and it happens that even though i marked the items to be picked up they just keep laying there. I have some Villagers ready but they just dont want to. They normally build houses or pick up other stuff but the loot and the logs just remain there. Also i have enough chests and they are only half full or so

I use No mods if that matters in any kind of way.

Hey there @Shaydoo, welcome to the Discourse!

Great news, the issues you brought up are the focus of the next Alpha, Alpha 15. Today’s Desktop Tuesday update from the developers was about issues the game has when you have too many Hearthlings and too much going on.

While this is probably not the answer you are looking for, your best bet is to wait for Alpha 15 :frowning:


Just want to pipe in that this ‘standing around idle’ thing happens with much lower numbers of Hearthlings and has been ongoing off and on for the various towns I’ve tested in the past few builds.

I purposely don’t tweak the settings and I play the game completely vanilla (even though I’m sorely tempted by some of the awesome mods I see!) … I want to be sure the base game is running smoothly before tinkering with it.

So that being said, I currently have the maximum 20 default Hearthlings and have passed the 20 day mark. Due to recent optimization in the latest A14 build, I am seeing much much better performance - less lag and stuttering or intermittent freezes.

But I still see them getting idle a lot more frequently now - when there’s clearly work to be done. In particular, I notice they are not going out to gather loot left from my footman team traveling out to defeat a camp of goblins or one of the undead graveyards. I highlight all the loot and hunks of stone, wood - and the icon is present, but the hearthlings never go collect it, even days later - so something’s definitely still getting ‘forgotten’ in their AI code. This only really happens once you get beyond that ill fated 20+ game days or 20+ hearthlings - at least from my multiple observations.

As I said in my “Great Job!” post - I am overall very happy with the performance tweaks they’ve been doing for A14 - so we’re well on the way to getting the idle workers issue fixed as well, I’m sure Radiant will iron it out soon!

Edit: Forgot to mention that saving and quitting game / reloading save sometimes kicks the hearthlings back into active working status for awhile. So maybe there’s still some memory leaks mucking things up on top of AI issues.

don’t know if this is a new issue or one branching off of this subject. my hearthlings don’t collect loot either, but they also now ignore any command given underground (e.g. dig, collect loot, build, ECT.) I’m I’m only at 8 hearthlings and still early in days.

Hi @Shaydoo
Could you please upload your save file? We did have to reset shops at some point, so I’m hoping that didn’t break shops for some people. I can try to see if I can fix the shops for you.
Also, at 60 hearthlings (which is above the max limit of 40 set by the UI), I am not surprised there would be performance issues. The save file can help us determine if there are any additional performance improves we can make. :slight_smile:
Thank you

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