Hearthlings refusing to Hual Items

Summary:Hearthlings unresponsive and refuse to hual items even though i have plenty of room

Steps to reproduce:

  1. clear forest
  2. kill monsters
  3. tell Hearthlings to only hual items

Expected Results:
Hearthlings to pick up all items on the ground and return them to storage areas

Actual Results:
Hearthlings sit for literally 1-2 mins idling, then picks up 1 item.

Seems to be all of the hearthlings not only workers/other
After 6 mins they start hualing items again.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 18 [latest]

System Information:
Evga 970 video card
i7 4970 CPU
8 gigs of ram
SSD Drive
Windows 10->using windows 8 mode

Here is a picture just showing about how i have buildings to build and items to hual but still lots of idling, except those Farmers! man they try to do too much!

too many items and large area?

I have sort of seen something like that in my games too, especially when I created a lot of items during early stage where I am clearing an area for the settlement. No matter how many stockpiles (for wood) i designated, they hearthlings always seem to have something else to do/haul. (they will haul if it is part of another job like crafting or building, but not to stockpile) But I ignored it and just continue playing and after some time, when they are idle, they will start to haul the wood.

No idea what is going on, but if I have to make a wild guess, it will be timeouts during path-finding(?)

Just makes me want to make a bunch of Farmers, they will do it all…even when they should be farming…