Further into game, hearthling progress slows

village have 6 workers, but progress become slow.

The hearthling starts mingling more rather than focus on working.

sometimes only 1 still tries to finish a project, while the other either chat buggily or are written idle.

sorta working when i un mark the haul option apparently

The further into the game you get, the more jobs your hearthlings have which taxes the CPU. It’s trying to decide what to do and it’s taking too long so it just does nothing instead. Im curious, how many hearthlings do you have?

25 and that’s the max i can handle for my laptop.

and most of the task are pretty simple. i don’t have anything to build and yet workers aren’t picking up chopped woods,

workshop does around 30secs of nothing after every finished build.

5 workers btw

Sorry you’re having this problem! Alas you are not alone. Send us a picture of the task monitor in the lower right corner of the screen when the game is lagging. It will show us where your town is getting bogged down. Will be useful for later, when we want to do a performance pass after we finish building and multiplayer :slight_smile:

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this is one


also something like this.

this also happens every few minutes

i sort of found a way around, but the thing is, the worker hearthling still don’t do anything.

by halting the other job from mining, doing their job, and build.

even then it’s taking so long too collect