No errors but - mostly iddle workers

In the attached savegame - for me - the workers dont do alot, it might be that theres to much to pick up in the world however its mostly because they never picked up alot. If u leave it on long anough they sometimes build a
little part of the building, sometimes they work or do other stuff, but most of the time they are iddle.

I have no errors in the game so i dont know whats going on :frowning:

1517432823786.7z (5.4 MB)

Your computer doesn’t have enough processing power to calculate your hearthling’s actions in a reasonable amount of time. Until the devs streamline this process, just pause the game until that colorful bar becomes mostly green. Then all hearthlings should get back to working.

Thanks, il try it tonight and see if that helps.


what do the different colors meen, doe we have some legend somewhere?

you can click the bar to see the percentages of each color and what they stad for

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