Workers stop working, just idle

Workers will periodically just stop working and then never work again, will simply idle with active work orders or supplies left on the floor. Only with workers this happens, however.


Thanks for the report! What’s your game version? How’s the utilization bar in the lower right corner of the screen doing?


Mine occasionally do this as well. I find switching to Town Defense mode for a moment, then switching back, clears it up and gets them back to work. Usually.

Version: the one released today.

this also happened to me my workers just stop building my walls i tried to restart and load but it didnt work and know i have a wall that doesnt protect me cuz my hearthling stop building or just left the foundation on the other side for the enemy to go up on

I’m having this same issue, my mason has just stopped working. She just stands by idle with stuff in her workshop for her to do.

i find that eliminating all unreachable items clears up a lot of trouble, this includes items stuck on ladders
like as if workers want to get to it but dont know how
if it doesnt fix it for the mason(or if you want a quick fix) try clearing jobs in his workshop, wait untill he removes the items and try again

Game version 0.10.0 (alpha_10_5 10) x64, when they won’t work it seems that the ‘pathfinder navgrid’ portion of the utilization bar takes up most of the bar.

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in my logic that whould be becouse they want to get to that unreachable item, increasing the navgrid(and likely also memory usage)

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Didnt think to look for that. I have been running into the same issues (and posted about it). I’ll try your fix/solution.

Having to use console commands as a work around shouldn’t be a permanent solution though.

Hello there,

First of all, love the game. It has quite a lot of issues, but thats where a Alpha is for.

Builded a bigger house, tried to do it for some time but then the builders just stop after a certain amount of time. This time they got the first 2 floors ready and then just decided to stop it. They have been doing nothing for the last three days. Is there any fix for this or am I doomed to wait for the next release?

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MY WORKERS ARE ON A STRIKE! My workers dont pick up and move stuff, plus my carpenter doesnt carpent anything unless I re log (sometimes). My workers will also sometimes just run around carrying an invisible item. PLEASE HELP! This needs to be fixed or else the whole world will be logs and bolts of cloth on the ground…

-Pixel Master :hamburger:

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‘Carpent’ is now in my vocabulary forever.
Unfortunately I have no solution for you. :frowning: Unless you need more areas set aside for things to be put in. I’d try removing and replacing whatchacallits… areas for things.

Wow. I didn’t realize how many “Idle workers” reports we have until I searched for a duplicate for this. They date from the early alphas and all… :cold_sweat: (merged with most recent one)…

@PixelMaster12 , if you have a savefile of it, you can upload it to Google drive or Dropbox and link it here, or if the save isn’t much big you could try sending it directly to (with this topic mentioned in the subject or message). It’d be useful for the devs.

In my case, the workers just stand idle (even while the icon above them indicates they’re hungry). I tried putting the town in Defense Mode to get them to react, but when I do that, only some of the villagers get into fighting stance while the others go back to their regular tasks. After I ring the bell to stop the Defense mode, All villagers go back to being idle.

I’ve found out that it has mostly to do with that the workers, or at least 1 of them cant reach a certain object and then the rest just follows. Happens when you build buildings to close to edges, they want to go there but cant due to pathfinding issues of some sorts. If you build just about 4 blocks away from a wall it won’t happen. Atleast in my scenario.

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After i loot too much things,i cancel the order,but the workers still cant move

I have a hp pavilion with windows 10, its a brand new laptop. I have an issue with the game. All my hearthlings have something to do, but they just stand there and the game will slow down, like its lagging, but time is still moving and the people are idle. It also keeps bringing up an error occasionally. I don’t see any relationship when it comes up, almost random If you notice the bar at the bottom right (don’t know the name of it) I seen several posts about it being filled with the the pathfinder navgrid color, but mine seems to be 90%-96% filled with iva or lva. when it gets high I pause it and it goes down, when I play it again everyone stats moving for a couple seconds, and then the bar refills and they all stop. I looked through the site and I’m not seeing anything relating to this.<img src="//" width=“690” height="388’>

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Which version of Stonehearth were you playing?
I believe they already fixed some errors regarding the time_tracker controller.

The blue bar is Lua, not iva/lva :sweat_smile: They should do something about the font so small…