Settlers don't work( Status: idle)

My workers staying idle… i give a order but dont work


do you have any normal workers or just promoted ones like farmers and so on?

EDIT: so none of your hearthlings are doing anything? didn’t realise that this was your actual problem before.

Anyway: pls include your current build and system in your problem, as this helps the devs with bug resolving and the community with verification and repeating.

the longer I look at your screenshot, the more details I get: Namely that the debug bar in the lower right corner shows 100% lua activity.
this problem has already a few mentions in the forum, although I didn’t know it causes the workers to be shown as idle.
maybe @8BitCrab knows more, as he usually has a good idea about whats going on in the support part of the discourse?

I ran into the exact same problem in 2 different playthrough. Everyone will just stay idle, some will move (or more like wiggle a little bit here and there), and some will just stand still. No matter what commands you give them, they would just stay idle, until they become hungry (and maybe eventually die of hunger maybe? I haven't had the patience to sit there and find out).

I don't know if this has to do with anything but the first playthrough when this happened, I didn't run into the blackmailing goblin lord. Had a couple of battles before that (2 -3 enemies every time). Problem happens on Day 16 Deepmun 1000. The second time this problem happened, it was right after I gave the things that goblin lord wanted, Day 14 Deepmun 1000.

System Specs

  • CPU: i7-5820k
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • GPU: Sapphire R9-280x Toxic.
  • Current build: Alpha 10.5
  • Settings: windowed mode, no v-sync, everything else are max'ed out
  • Windows 7 professional 64bit.

I have the bad habit of ignoring and closing the error message boxes knowing its early access. Will do a third playthrough to see if I can reproduce this again, and screenshot the massive lua errors.

I’m having a similar problem, but not exactly the same. My carpenter won’t work and my workers won’t build. If I tell them to go pick berries, they jump right on it. But I’ve a half-finished house and a carpenter’s queue full of things I have the resources for just sitting there.

I am having the same problem to after play on one world for some time all the people go to idle and nothing happens.