X64 idle workers

Hi, just for info:

the game is very slow - so the load and save time are very long - also the workers stay idle or doenst want you use stone ^^ this issue has started at the first immigrant - perhaps this is all the same issue :wink: no space to send the workers to work - try to set way but lua is more important xD

extra info: also i cant make screenshots anymore?

have removed all extras from the grafiksettings - now its “playable” and like i know - the villagers do now work xD

edit: false hope -.- the only mine now but they want use stone anymore … and when i change the mason to normal i get an lua error …
edit2: when the stone is more then 150 blocks away from the storage they doenst use it ^^ after i have set a mine in my village i get lua errors because of the dirt butttttt the they accept the stone ^^

so after recheck i see they bring woodlogs to the mine and then to the storage - i dont know why ^^