Idle workers (old build)

Citizens arnt doing anything, Stocking or building…they end up standing around doing nothing for hours and will maybe stock 1 or 2 wood blocks

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I noticed this yesterday after the patch. They seem to take really long breaks and then get back to work, but I’m talking two or three day breaks of not doing anything.


Yeah as an Update to this post, the citizens have completely hit vacation mode XD and have stopped with the construction of the 2nd house and are again doing nothing but eating and sleeping.

Tried saving & reloading the game?

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Can confirm, and have some additional details.

I had this happen when I started my second building for my settlement. All of my guys would just stand around idle while one or two would work on the other building. Then again later as well, when I started some small huts, the same behavior. Everyone would just stand around, except for one or two guys.

I reloaded several times, and some interesting things happened. First, all of my guys would suddenly find something to do for a moment, then the idle behavior would kick in. Then, the few citizens who would continue to work would idle for a bit, then suddenly get to work, and would work even to starvation.

It sounds weird, and screenshots dont really do it justice, you gotta see it to get an idea. I think the pathfinder is actually whats causing the problem, because it was at almost 100% the entire time, then suddenly some lua input would spike and folks would suddenly work for a moment, as though the game had finally gotten around to assigning people a job of some kind. Interestingly enough, this didnt seem to have much effect on the trapper, who just did his thing the entire time.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: The broken AI bug from earlier releases is still there as well, just noticed a guy starving to death while wandering about idle.

thanks for the confirmations folks… title tweaked to reflect the nature of the bug and [tagged]

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Hi Zithin. Can you please upload a save with your zombie-stuck workers and we’ll take a look. Thanks!.

That’s an open invitation to anyone else as well. Send us your saves! =)

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Here is the most recent save folder! Enjoy :slight_smile:

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I’ll post mine when I get off work. I was streaming it last night so I may even have the videos of it in action.

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Got it! Thanks for uploading. I’ll let you know if I find anything.


I think you guys have this bug solved in the latest Steam unstable guild. As stated in another thread, I played two hours last night and my citizens completed construction on seven different template buildings all placed one after another.

I loaded up my most recent save and tried to get my workers to build more, but now is seems they wont do anything now…So at least on my end the bug is not fixed.

In addition to them not building or doing anything…they appear to still be “Sleeping on the ground” even though they used the beds?

Another couple of days into this game and they managed to build two templates(did not place the windows and tooks the ladders away) and they seem to have stopped again on the third house…not stocking/hauling still as well :confused:

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I’ve noticed this with our recent builds also. Right now, our pathfinder is really expensive. Whenever you see the yellow bar maxed-out in the lower right corner, it means everyone is trying to figure out what to do next. To limit the problem, you can try to ask people to only build one house at a time, or to only work at one level of the terrain at a time.

Adding new features taxes the pathfinder in new ways. We’ll just have to optimize it again. Your saves will definitely help with that. :slight_smile:


Another confirmation on my end as well.

Built 2 medium sized house templates just fine. Then decided to build a larger hall building and all the workers decided it was a good time to take their respective trips to Tahiti, or Belize…Idk where Stonehearth workers go on vacation, probably somewhere without goblins I assume. :smiley:

Here’s my save file for you guys. Hope it can help.

Keep up the wonderful work!


Hi guys. I’ve identified two big problems and hope to have them fixed today or tomorrow, then update Alpha 6 with the new build. Give it a go and let me know if it helps!


Since the most recent update, things have gotten worse, now even my footmen are standing around and doing nothing/sleeping on the ground/starving to death. It only seems to happen once I have 10+ citizens. Can provide save if needed.

that’s an interesting observation … and yes, please do provide the save game… thanks!

It tends to reset for a bit upon the initial load, but after awhile they start to give up.
Also I’m getting an insane amount of goblins spawning. If this save is no good I have earlier ones that you can look at.

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i got one here as well, happened to them after they disappeared eating inside.
I think it could maybe be because of the scaffold infront of the door.
I watched some workers got stuck inside the building, when they build the door, while there was still a scaffold to high to walk over. maybe something with the collision system and the scaffolds?

Here i am in Alpha 9 64-bit Steam build
Played about a half an hour, killed a goblin camp and workers all got stuck eventually…standing around hungry and idle

Here is most recent auto-save of idle worker