[Dup] Workers Going Idle and LUA 100%

Hi All, I know this seems to be a common error but I couldn’t see any discussions on this for Alpha 11.

My user id stuff is 0b0f36d4-4455-11e5-9015-bcee7b5d8587 and I am running version 0.11.0 (release 453) 64bit build.

I am finding that all my hearthlings are going idle, this is also coinciding with the LUA portion of the task bar being between 95 - 99% full constantly. I have tried the suggested fixes I have found, saving / reloading, pausing restarting and making sure there are no items that cannot be got at (stuck on ladders, etc). I have fixed all these issues I can find but this is not fixing the issue. Currently my save is now unplayable as nobody will do anything, they won’t eat or sleep either. The game will work for a few seconds sometimes, but then go back to everyone standing around.

Let me know if you want any more info. Screenshot below :smile:

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