[Dup] Hearthlings idle and game crash (possibly LUA bug)

After encountering this bug a few times now I decided to finally join the forum and report it!

I noticed some people reporting the Idle bug, but maybe this crash will reveal more information about it.

I can’t really say why or when the hearthlings stopped moving. I do know what didn’t help:

  • Moving stuff around them
  • Turning defense mode on and off
  • Trying to build new things (to give them a goal in life)

I decided to just keep it running - and eventually when night fell they went back to their daily lives!

However I’m attaching 2 images that might help pin point this issue:

  • The usage thing
  • A crash I got a couple of minutes after they went out of idle state (error in lua allocator attempting to allocate 524288 bytes (boost::interprocess::bad_alloc))
    Well I wanted to upload the images, but apparently “new users can’t upload images”… Bummer.


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