Workers after double digit days

I keep having problems with my workers.
I get a few days in to the game (usually 10+) and everything is going fine. My workers get to work and then all of a sudden only a few of my workers will work while the majority of them just stand around doing nothing.

Is this common for other people as well?

It is seriously annoying me as I want to build a massive City with lots of Hearthlings, but every time I get a while in to the game this happens.

Also on unrelated note, how do I destroy the Goblin Camp? I sent workers and soldiers to it but they wont destroy it. I can only delete certain items from the camps but not open the chest or destroy the buildings!

Hope I am not the only one with this problem!

firstly, welcome to the discourse :smile:

secondly, i believe there are already threads for the things you covered here, i will find them when i have time.

Yes. You are probably experiencing the idle worker bug that has plagued the game for a while now. Its a combination pathfinder/ai issue, and it is on the todo list to be resolved. The best ways to avoid it is to keep your town on one level and keep your population low. Other than that, it sucks.