[Con] Some people work, others don't

In the beginning of the game, everybody works like hell and do a good job, then at day 2-3 if they don’t have any food they’ll just do nothing. Sometimes it’s only the crafters that will work, sometimes it’s only the farmers, other times it’s only the workers. Or just none at all, they stand around idle like I have nothing for them when I have a PILE of things to do. They either just eat, sleep and do nothing or if they’re bugged up enough they don’t even eat. It’s not a pathfinder issue because the pathfinder is at like… 5%. This is weird, is there a fix orrr?


i have this also sometimes than i restart stonehearth and than their are going to work again

Yeah, except when I re-start they’re still lazy and don’t do anything.

try to do them in attack and than back to normal

otherwise i do not know it either

Make sure you have the resources you’re needing.

stone, wood etc.

I have like 7 giant stockpiles of wood (I’ve pretty much deforested my entire area.) and much more of stone. They just don’t work like they used to.

I have seen this type of behavior as well. At one point I had an entire warehouse full of hearthlings that came in, dropped off their load, and then just stood around. I finally got them moving after a save and restart. There was more than enough work at the time, and all of them were showing hungry as well. No real reason for them to stop like that unless there is some hidden tiredness thing going on, but none of them slept either. After that I would start seeing them idle more and more unless I just dropped a ton of work on them all at once. All of this happened after around 15 days of happy village activity.

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I have had this in various forms many times. It usually kills whatever town I am working on at the time.

Things to try:
Save-Exit-Reload. Apparently, you have to kill the entire game to fix the AI getting stuck.
Form a party. Send everyone somewhere. Then rescind the order. Has fixed some of the issues I have had some of the time.

I’ve found that I can’t have any more than one structure project for them at one time. If I stack walls, for instance, the first one gets built, but no one ever touches any of the others. Since I’ve kept to one item at a time (including mining zones), things have gone smoothly.

I can confirm that this happens. It’s very common, on average happening daily or every other day, with constructions spanning more than 100 units everywhichway and 16-20 hearthlings. My usual fix is to save, then load the saved game. This gets rid of many issues with people not doing what they should be.

I found a solution, ALWAYS keep them well fed and only (as a whole) give them one job per time, too much and they go crazy with various things and end up bugging & lying around.