Lazy Farmers, they're so lazy!

So, I’ve been playing Stonehearth for a very looong time. I think it’s been since… Alpha 7? Something like that. And one of the things I hate(d) the most was when sometimes Heartlings just stopped doing their work, those lazy little bast- cough Anyway, that problem was for most resolved in the latest updates. Or not. One thing remained, but it is now only related to Farmers. The very moment I take my eyes off them they stop working, just standing around. Or, if the fire is lit, sitting beside it.
So, that’s that. I hope you can look into it, and solve it.

Steps to reproduce:
There’s not much to say, they just stop working sometimes. At random, without me really doing something.

Expected Results:
Farmers should work.

Actual Results:
They don’t.

Un-checking the “Job” tick for the farmers in the Citiziens tab makes them go back to work.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Update 3131, no mods

Hey @Komodon, does this persist through save and load? Also, when you said “Un-checking the “Job” tick for the farmers in the Citiziens tab makes them go back to work.” do you re-check the job box for them to start working, or does un-checking the job box itself do the work.

The other day I had other things to do, so I continued today. And yes, it persists trough save and load. Also, I don’t know if it’s also something that’s happening only in this game, as it’s been a lot of time since I’ve seen this bug.

Also, yeah, I have to re-check the box to make them work.

Next time you notice this occurring, please save and upload that game here to the Discourse. We’ll be able to take a look and see if we can figure out what is going on.

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