Permanent Idleness

either im doing something wrong, i have stupid lazy workers, or this is a bug
Steps to reproduce:

  1. begin a building
  2. wait for hearthlings to begin building, materials and everything are there and ready
  3. whups.

Expected Results:
Actual Results:
Im a little upset if you hadnt noticed.

Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 19 and no mods
System Information:

can you post an image of the thing you are trying to build? or post a template of the building or thing you are trying to build?

have you tried to put up ladders yourself? doing so may give your hearthlings a place to start

Sorry if it doesn’t help too much but wanted to share my experience incase it helped.

Whenever I had an issue with perma-idlers… I saved and reloaded the game and it seems to fix their queue list of work to do.

The other issue is building ‘wall’ within a building to creating partition for rooms etc, sometimes it hits the corner of the slope of the roof and causes pathing issues and then whoever gets the job never gets to work :frowning:

Hope that helps at all

I actually restarted the game after quitting for a bit and they are working fine now? I guess i can consider this resolved.