Construction & Idle

Hello Stonehearth Team

I have been playing Stone Hearth for the first time and have spent so far 6hrs in game, I’d have to say this is one of the funnest games I’ve played in a while. Very relaxing and enjoyable, I also have participated in the early development of KSP (Kerbal Space Program) and love to give feed back.

So here are the bugs I’ve found so far and I did not see these posted yet on the forums here, so please excuse me if I might have overlooked it.

  • Construction:

I’ve been having a terrible issue with getting buildings finished, my Hearthians will build everything all the way to the start of the roof. They will build the first layer of roofing before completely abandoning the entire project all together. No matter how many times I attempt to save and reload the game or even restart the game to fix the issue they will refuse to touch the building. I’ve also restarted a new game to attempt a fix but still have the same issue. I ordered the removal of the building only to have half of it taken down before they decide to abandon that project as well, leaving a terrible looking half build and removed building that I no longer get to interact with. There so far has yet to be any error code but if I encounter one I’ll be sure to screen shot it and post it under this topic.

  • Idle

I’ve been seeing this around YouTube quite a bit as well and have also experienced it first hand during my game play. My Hearthians will happily work and do tasks with ease, but some times it seams lazy streak will hit and several will switch to permanent Idle. To combat this issue, I learned simply watching YouTube is to save and load your game witch sometimes fixes the issue. I’ve experienced this quite often actually, saving and loading probably 2 times in a 3 minute period on a regular basis. The issue also will be 2/3 fixed by saving and loading, what I mean by this is that this method of fixing the issue is not a 100% and will only fix it partial of the time. Again no error code yet but I’ll start taking screen shots of each one for future reference under my topic to give as much assistance in fixing bugs as possible.

Keep up the great work team, I look forward to seeing this game completely done for it has defiantly taken the cake on my interest. I’ve referred it to some of my friends as well hoping when Multi Player comes out we will get to do some Co-Op.

PS: Here is my Unique ID


Error 1:

More Errors and Nulls:

This should show all screen shots I’ve taken, currently the forum prevents me to send more then 2 links at a time and I’ve already been flagged for spam. This way you can see all the error messages I’ve been getting. The one screen shot that has over 15 radiant/modules/entities.luac:94: attempt to index local ‘entity’ (a nil value) would continuously pop up every minute or so. Also the the error over 25 times was something to do with corn, at the top of the msg board it said c++ which to me would be some major code conflictions.

I have the same issues except nothing I do will get my guys to finish any walls past the end supports and maybe one row of wood.

So far by building has continued, It would seam to be a freak thing that happens ever so often. I’ve managed to get 2 Inn’s made and am currently working on a Mess Hall. We’ll see how long it lasts, this will be my 10th restart on a new map to try and get one that will at least work for me. The game is terribly fun and addicting, but anyone with a right mind set would hate to play it cause with the amount of errors and issues that are thrown at you, technically the game is unplayable.

I’ve taken several screen shots and they will auto update on my steam, I’ve found probably 3-4 more error or null msgs that pop up since this “working” map. Cross your fingers I can continue it and maybe discover more errors for the dev team to fix. I hope they are reading and looking at these pics though.

I’ve taken a screen shot of my Inn and noticed a rather annoying bug, the ghost build figure of the best remain when you tell you Hearthians to move the beds to a new location. The ghost objects still are intractable but can’t be canceled and when trying to place beds back where the beds ones were the ghost beds will prevent the new ones to be placed.

Do you have a screenshot for that? I think I may have experienced that a few times myself :wink: (Probably in a different version).

Ya just click on the steam link, all of my error and null msgs as well as that bug is public viewing.

I have yet had my builders complete all the beds in a room. I try to manual place one and you still see the ghosts of the beds not yet built.

Im not total sure, but from the pics, it looks like ur creating a stone roof. u mined the mountain. make sure u have stone not ore in there. they may not have finished due to that fact. (grey area u get more ore then stone.) if you need stone go into the brown areas of the earth for now. see if that works.

The original roof was wood, I just changed it from one to the other to see if it would fix the issue, but it did not.

Alrighty, check this the next time, what they did build compare to highlight areas (rotate camera on ur build with roof gone) of the build. A: is there something they missed. Sometimes that happens, like they didnt put in a block somewhere. That will cause the build to stop. B: I see you built really close the the edge of a drop and of a cliff. Is yours too close (3 spaces or less) sometimes that stops the build. If it cont from that point, then start anew.