The Building's mechanic is very unstable and get me a lot of confused

First I have to say Stonehearth is gorgous, very addicted and of course I enjoy tons of hour playing this game. But when I sent my hearthlings to build, I encountered many problems, some was minor but I still enjoy playing the game, and there go the big one: Mostly after 3 4 hours playing the game, my hearthlings began to idle when I commanded them to build a house or anykind of construction (not because I don’t have enough item or resources) when the Engine error show up and it was really annoying. Some construction which being buid was stoped and my heartlings begin build scaffolds around them (I found this a little funny). After this I reset the game and reopen it and it still happened when I load my save (I tried like 10 times). So can you guys please fix this. because of this bug I have stopped play the game for two days trying to search the internet for fixing the bug. Overall thanks you all for making this game

yeah that will happen… but tryed a new game ? i had issue like taht before and its sucks… once you save and that major error comes back…its to late

Sometime I just want to cry because my 3_hour town just become… BUG

Please keep in mind this is an early access game in alpha state, meaning that it still has a lot of bugs and much of the content is missing. The dev team relies on your bug reports (the more details the better) in order to correct the problems. You shouldn’t consider the game completed or fully playable at this time, it’s being offered to the public for feedback and bug testing.

One of the things I do, if I want to build a big town is have two saved copies and run auto save. so when I exit out I overwrite the oldest one. This way if a major bug happens or I really decide I didn’t want to build a building like that I can go back to a recent copy. This is not a fix, just a suggestion.

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