Bug: 2380. Just random observations

Maybe it’s just me and I know it’s an unstable build, but I’m having quite a few issues with the 2380 build.

  • My hearthlings stops halfway building houses and just stands around doing nothing until you place a new scematic.
    Screenshots show two half build dinning halls and 4 hearthlings standing at the fire doing nothing:

Second shot at shared dinning hall:

  • Sometimes heathlings doesn’t dig out for floor which creates floor/grass clipping.
    Floor/grass clipping

  • Forgotten ladders and scaffolding inside buildings:
    Ladders inside

  • The time counter for the merchants arrival is strange.

  • Most of the time the Hearthlings ignite the campfire when the sun goes down and sit around it until the sun comes up and then they all go to sleep. So no work gets done from sundown till sunset.

  • Auto save function sometimes makes the game freeze and I have to alt+f4 and restart. (It does save nonetheless)

  • Footmen doesn’t eat. (Demoting them works, but creates an error).

  • Stone Braziers randomly changes size: Stone Braziers

  • Pressing space at world map gives a weird error.

  • Sometimes the game speed buttons on the GUI does not register you clicking them until you restart.

  • Also on a smaller notice. Fire from Braziers can be seen through trees. (Radeon R9 x280 3G)
    I see fire (also none of the food is being collected).

I’m not getting any errors with these issues other than the one at world map, so I can’t really be more accurate.

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This should have been fixed with the latest build.

Leave this. I love it!

Have a screenshot?

In the future, try to divide your bug reports into seperate reports, as it makes it easier for them to check their lists off.

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