Building AI Failure? Hearthlings Running Between Ladders


So this is a bit of a weird one; currently running 0.17.0 Build 566 x64 and I’m running a new game where I do my usual trick of just using default templates to save time. I also tend to modify the wall and roof colours and materials; historically this has been an easy shortcut so I can futz with other parts of the game that I want to actually try out.

This time, though, I’ve got an issue where a half-constructed building is having hearthlings run between two of the walls but NOT placing any wood down for them.

Things I have tried:
Resetting the Hearthlings
Saving and Loading the Game
Quitting to Main Menu and Reloading
Quitting the program and reloading
Firing the Hearthlings from building duty
Pausing and resuming contruction

I’m not sure this is a repeatable bug but I will find out over the course of this evening.

I am including the save.
Building (5.0 MB)

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