Pathfinder can't handle my city wall with lights

Hey Devs,

I have to say I found this bug rather amusing, my hearthlings look like they want to enjoy the view :smiley:

My Hearthlings want to build the laterns further down the wall, but the pathfinder runs them onto the existing lingth and gets stuck.
Now they drop their lanterns and stand there.
I solved the problem with just move the laterns one spot down, but I figgured I still let you guys know to get the game perfect :wink:

Cheers Pyrotika

haha, i have to say, that is rather amusing :smile:

just wondering, did building a ladder up to them get those hearthlings down?

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I did not try that sorry :wink:
But I will see if I can recreate and try a diffrent solution.

So I just tried to recreate it and it did not happen again.
To me seems, it has to be a tied with the recognition of the ladders. I put all the lanterns onto the wall and the distance to the stockpile is pretty far.
I think when the hearthlings for the 5th, 6th and 7th lanter started to walk the ladders under the 3rd and 4th where still there but not anymore when they arrived at that spot.
Because if there are only the lanters without ladders they take the proper way.

But they did not get out of their trouble on their own since they droped a two block space to get there. Not sure if that is supposed to be like that.

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that is intended, hearthlings should be able to walk up one block and jump down two blocks.

Right well then no bug.
Maybe it should added a path check, before Hearthlings jump two down, that they still arrive where they want to.

Hey, who moved this to resolved?

Are we really sure is not a bug?
This thread needs a tag in any case… :expressionless:

I did, to me it does not seem like one anymore since I could not recreate it and it is a very small thing to have a ladder removed during the walking time

So when the hearthlings arrived where they had to put the lanterns, the ladders weren’t there anymore and the hearthlings jumped?

Or was it that after placing the lanterns, there were no ladders and they had to stay on top of the lantern?

I ordered to build all the lanters on the wall. To reach my intended positions my hearthlings had to build ladders. At the time when the hearthlings start walking with lanter no. 5,6 and 7 number 3 and 4 are already secured on the wall and the ladders to secure them there are still in place.
The distance between lanterns and top of the wall is 2 blocks. There for the pathfinder for the guys with lanterns no. 5,6 and 7, decide on the shortest path. This path includes the 2 block jump from the top of the wall onto lanterns 3/4 and afterwards move down the ladders, which were in place to secure the lanterns 3/4 at the wall.
The Hearthlings with lantern no. 5,6 and 7 start walking on this path. This takes time and the hearthlings in the area finished the construction of lantern 3/4. This includes removing the ladders.
This removal happend during the time the hearthling with lanterns no. 5,6 and 7 where on there way to there destination and before they reached the 2 block jump onto the lanterns 3 and 4.
By the time they reached the jump the ladder was gone and they got stuck on the lantern, as pictured in my original post. And since it was a two block jump onto the lanterns they could not get down anymore.

To me it seems like everything works as intended it is just not perfect.

I hope I could discibe it acurately.

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well i’m going to move it back to active bug for now (unless @Relyss feels otherwise), as this isn’t exactly something we would want happening in the finished game.


as stated, my weaver is stuck on top of a light on the outside of the 2 person cottage, tried to build a ladder to them, no joy. as of now, she is at about half her life and is about to die of starvation.

select the ladder tool and build one while clicking on the Harthling, should build one up to it.

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