Alpha 13 they get stuck

This is some weird glitch xD, Thought this was fixed a while ago, haha, You should be able to build a ladder to get them down for now though!

Although we’re on alpha 14 (unstable) so a fix may be in the next version (or our current unstable version)
Hope this helped! :wink:

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Hey there @pvzwam! As helpful as images are, please do provide some details along with them so we know what is going on. How did your Hearthlings get stuck there? Were they attempting to place the banner and then failed to leave? Did another Hearthling remove the ladder they were standing on? Are you running any mods?

just the first 2, the mods i dont know

Ok, thanks! @Albert: seems like gravity has stopped working here somehow? (or maybe the Hearthlings are too afraid to let go of the banner…)