[R 271] Floating (Invisible Floor) Hearthlings

Noticed mostly during mining but also when placing banners on walls. Heartlings get stuck on invisible floors near walls. I have been able to overcome it by building ladders up to them so they can climb down.

I’ve also been able to achieve this when a ladder was removed as a Hearthling climbed to place a Blacksmith banner on a wall.

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hmm… are you sure theyre not standing on something?

also, could you possibly toss up a screenshot :blush:

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It looks like they are standing on an invisible floor. I can guarantee there is nothing below them. Maybe part of them is caught in the wall?

It tried to grab a screen cap but looks like it didn’t take. I’m sure if i keep playing it will happen again. (I had to rescue them!)

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I saw this once as well. I had put a wall sign. A Hearthling made a ladder and another one brought the sign up, placed it, then removed the ladder while still standing on top of it. They were stuck standing on nothing. I waited a bit to see if the game would fix itself and gave up eventually, building a ladder which the Hearthling promptly climbed down.

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So the problem is that the hearthling that places the sign on the wall, starts removing the ladder from above and ends up floating and unable to climb down, is it?

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Seems like. If it happens again I’ll grab a screenshot.

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not just a sign, but it happened when they were mining too. They were definitely next to a wall so maybe the bounding box is a tad large on the Hearthlings?

Got a screen shot of it:

And here’s the log during that session: stonehearth.log (52.4 KB)


huh, its almost like they are stuck in the roof/sign…