Floating hearthling

Summary: I have a hearthling that is floating in the air after I had my workers start digging through the ground. It wasn’t one of the diggers though; I think this one was just picking up the stone and whatnot that was produced by the digging, but now she’s just floating there.

Steps to Reproduce: I’m really not sure if this can be reliably reproduced. It seems like a rare occurrence that wouldn’t really happen if you were trying to make it happen. But anyways, what I did exactly was mine straight down in a 8x8x20 (LxWxH) tunnel. Then I proceeded to have my workers carve out some stairs for a simple way to get out. (I would have left a ladder, but I noticed that if a hearthling gets hungry, they’ll usually drop whatever they’re carrying in order to go collect food. And if they drop it on the ladder, I can’t get anybody to go and pick it back up. Sadly though I have no screenshot of this.)

Expected Results: Honestly I just didn’t expect anybody to be floating.

Actual Results: Well…someone is…

Notes: I managed to get her to come down by building a ladder directly underneath her. Luckily she didn’t starve while floating.


Versions and Mods: I’m not sure exactly what version I have…I just know it says R393 (x64) up in the corner; I’m assuming that’s what you need to know. And I have absolutely no mods downloaded.

System Information: Windows 8.1 Pro | Intel Core i7-4770 proc | 16.0 GB RAM | nVidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti

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if they are floating against the wall you could try building a ladder up to them, this might allow them to get down.

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Nah they were just floating in midair. I was able to get a ladder built directly underneath them (though I’m not sure how that worked, as it wasn’t attached to any wall).


Try turning slice mode on and off. Sometimes it bugs out and appears off when actually on.

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I’ve managed to dig out the ground from under one of my guys before. Not sure how and not sure how he didn’t fall. Was painful trying to get him down.

That’s really odd. I’ve yet to encounter that, thiugh I have encountered heartglings fazing on top of cliffs while inside underground stockpiles.

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I’ve seen this odd one before, too.

Also, with regards to the “they won’t pick an item up if it’s on the ladder” - a simple workaround is to delete, then re-build, the ladder. The item falls to the ground where it will be picked up.


You can place a ladder directly on them and they will climb down (odd I know)


Yeah I did that one. But after taking it down, I didn’t really feel like making it again. So I just made stairs instead. lol

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I just had this too - resources sometimes fall to the ground, sometimes they just float. Same goes for Hearthlings

Here’s a screenshot - (Forum won’t let me post images yet)

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Hi all:

I’m having the same problem with these flying heartlings. It does seem to happen when someone else mine below them. I was able to save a few of them by calling them to arms, but this one didn’t seem to want to move from there, so I had to build a ladder directly to her.

Here’s a screenshot (URL, since I’m new):



It happens to me sometimes. To solve that I added floor just below them.
You have to figure out the exact level where the hearthling is stuck and then add the floor to this level in order to allow him to move again.

(The floor can be destroy next with the console and the command “destroy” after selected it)

Hello there, I lately tried to let my citizens dig a staircase. I had a existing cave down and on the last blocks one worker removed all blocks below the other citizens. Except one in the corner leaving the “Mine Block” mining area active.

I can remove the mining area but the citizens are not falling down.

I would upload a picture but it is currently not allowed.

I think this is a common bug.
Let’s check this topic Floating hearthling
I gave a solution at the end, keep me informed :wink:

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i merged your thread with this older one, as im pretty its the same thing.

if you upload the picture to imgur.com or some such place i can embed it for you.

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had a group mining the mountain and one worker got stuck on the side of the mine, then trying to mine her out she is now floating in midair.

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this has been reported before, just give me a sec and i’ll merge it with the old one.

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Found the bug when some of the guys fell asleep and got the floor mined out from under them

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Yeah, this also happens with ladders being removed under them. You can build ladders off of them to help them descend for now.

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