My Hearthlings are getting stuck in impossible places

This has happened three times now, each with a different Hearthling. I could dig the first one out but now I have someone floating in mid air [no, I did not try to build anything in this area.] and I have no way to get him down; and now the second one is stuck below a road and frankly I don’t want to dig her out and have to worry about rebuilding. This happens at random and I’ll notice it when I’m scrolling around a map and see a hunger bubble that doesn’t seem possible.

[It will only upload one image at the moment, but you can see behind him that there is a hunger bubble below the ground as well.]

My game is completely updated on Steam as of 7/4/18 1:09pm EST.

I don’t plan to play on this save file and further disrupt anything, so if anyone could let me know what’s going on that’d be great!

Thank you,
Bri <3

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