Some tips on dealing with stuck Hearthlings

When i told my hearthlings to cut down a acia tree on a hill they did, but when they started collecting the wood, all hearthlings that went up on the hill got stuck, some for a short time, some for a long time and even one that has been stuck there ever since i started collecting wood, which is 1 day.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Cut down Acia trees
  2. Make them gather wood
  3. Done

Expected Results:
They will put the wood in chests
Actual Results:
They get stuck on that hill


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 14, No mods
System Information:

This is how it looks when they get stuck (the hungry one is the one that has been stuck a whole day)

Ok, i have figured it out. I restarted the game (multiple times since it didn’t work the first time), and it worked.
it might be a program i had opened or something, since it didn’t work restarting at first but 2 hours later it worked

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I had the same issue one a “hill” in the desert biome but not in the temperate biome. I don’t have a save though…

And they still can’t get off the hill after you restart the game?

Next time they get stuck mine a small square under their feet. It un-sticks them and they don’t get stuck in the same place anymore.

There’s also a reset command you can do after opening the console (Ctrl + C) and clicking on a Hearthling that will automatically move them until they’re unstuck, I believe.

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It is absolutely not a problem! I am going to rename and move this thread over to #gameplay as this is no longer an active bug.