[Dev 2395 (x64)] One Way Path Finding

I know bugs before have been reported about the pathfinding, but I couldn’t find on specific thread, so I thought I’d start this. Found that in many cases, Hearthlings will find their way to something, but can’t find their way back.


huh… do you have a different ladder they can use, or just the one beside the scaffolding?

I can also confirm this, I may have gone to far in a world (started at one end and ended up expanding the entire world) But they won’t find there way back unless you place a flag telling them to return after a certain radius. Not sure if it’s due to the flag and them going to far away from it. They also won’t find or see anything after a certain radius either, Like I had chopped tree’s half way on the map, The hearthlings wouldn’t even notice it.

Thanks for reporting this, Glad I’m not the only one who noticed it :wink:

hmm… ive heard of this bug elsewhere, will look around and see what i can find

Use the Looting tool to collect things far away that the AI would normally consider out of their radius. I find it works pretty well to them specifically what to pick up.


Originally I had one at the other end of the trench. But they’d just stand in the trench with no idea what to do.

hmm… what if you built one right beside them?