[A9 r256] Pathfinding Issues

Unfortunately, my poor little Hearthlings are still finding it hard to get from A to B, particularly when my town is spread out and/or on multiple levels:

Note the red lines for ladders, and the multiple layers between my miners & my food supply. Needless to say, the daft miners are starving to death on the mountainside, and as I can’t spawn in food nor teleport them to safety, they’re on the verge of starving to death out there :frowning: . Now sure, in the interim I can see about Jelly+ or w/e to get item spawning in (I’m using the vanilla game ATM), but this will need seeing to if the plan is for larger & more complex maps.

On a final note, I’ve >20 hearthlings in this game, which may also be worth bearing in mind WRT pathfinding AI.

As a bonus, I’m regularly getting these two popping up:


i once had that problem, to get around it i just put all of them in a party and gave em a blue flag order.

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