Pathfinding on the Latest Build

Read that the latest patch had pathfinding improvements. So why is this hearthling (highlighted) zigzagging along a fair distance off a perfectly good road.

I was under the impression that roads improve movement speed. The road leads straight to my settlement from my mountain mine workings. And yes I meant zigzagging as runs along.


It’s because hearthlings don’t really take roads under consideration when the path finder is working, probably something like that, I suppose.

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Watched them, going “North” they use the road, well the right edge of it. Going “South”, out in the fields. Wondering is the pathfinder factoring in roads. Also several builds back, roads were a separate tool in the construction menu. When they merged them did roads and ground level flooring become the same? Both tools now have the same tile options, but do either give a move bonus?

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I recall from previous alpha’s that they do take roads into consideration and change their paths when calculating the fastest way, so either a bug or something that wasn’t implemented in the new pathfinder ?

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On the subject of pathfinding. Has anyone else found an issue with hauling items from out in the wilds to where you are building? I have chopped trees down a fair distance from where my “settlement” is, yet none of my haulers will carry them to a stockpile and yes there is room. They idle but will haul if I use the loot command. I am now trying to make stockpiles further out, deleting them making another nearer and so forth.