[Con] Bug with pathfinding (Maybe)?

I’ve come across the situation sometimes where some items on the ground eventually; would unregister be the right word; from the pathfinding system and they just end up leaving the items and they taunt me because 1. I need them and 2. Even sometimes chopping down trees, immediately they should collect them, but no, they don’t. This isn’t a situation of prioritization on my end, they just idle and rather not doing anything. Maybe after a few minutes a 'ling will run over and get a piece of whatever item but then it’ll return to nothing at all.

Not able to get a screen cap in full-screen but just imagine 9 'lings sitting around a fire on idle while there’s easily 50 pieces of wood to be picked up on the outlying part of my little town.

Don’t know if anyone else gets this, but it’s definitely something rough to work with. Now I know something a few people will say, save, load, should work. -Nope. Save quit reload game… -Nope.

Oh and sometimes even items in my stockpile just seem to… Not register anymore. They’ll be there, but then my guys won’t touch them, or even move them if I tried to relocate the stockpile.

I get this A LOT too, I just make a new game and hope for the best. There’s… no found cure.

I haven’t seen this particular thing, but (possibly connected) my Trappers have all started ignoring full traps (and I really need those items!). Even if I take a flag and lead the trapper right out TO a full trap and then remove the flag, they just turn 180° and head back to camp. Infuriating.

hey there @AfyKirby18… welcome aboard! :smile:

thanks for the report and confirmations folks… [tagged]

For the items being left un-stockpiled, are they a fair distance away?

I’ve found that, especially later in games, hauling jobs over particularly long distances are ignored, and designating a stockpile nearby will make the hearthlings get to work.