Difficulty gathering resources unless Stockpile is empty and building is commencing

Anyone else having issues with this?

Essentially, I have a massive amount of stone and ores mined out, sitting on the ground. I also have a massive amount of wood cut down, just sitting on the ground. I also have a massive amount of food from my farms, sitting in baskets, in the middle of my farms.

I was hoping there would be some sort of “Stop doing everything and unclutter my world pls, little Hearthling” option.

I am unsure if there is a way to force my Hearthlings to gather, but I figure this could be a really useful feature if one currently doesn’t exist. I am still getting familiar with the game, and I started off making massive farms, so much so that my Hearthlings who farm have so much to harvest that they leave dozens of baskets in the middle of the farmland while they harvest more.

Guess it was just planning on my part, but the only way to force my Hearthlings to gather stuff anymore is when I use most of my resources from my stockpile, and the poor buggers believe the end times are upon them if it gets to low.

well, gathering is their lowest priority, so if you have them building, mining, chopping trees, etc. then they wont bother to gather until they have nothing left to do.

the easiest way to get them to gather would be to use the loot command (under the military tab) it causes the item collecting to become higher priority (though still not as high as building etc.), it also gives them backpacks to be able to carry multiple items

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Try the “Loot” option under the combat menu.

apparently you didnt read my post :wink:

I read the first sentence. Guilty of not reading the whole thing.

i was guessing thats what it was.

Yeah, hopefully we’ll see some harvesting/collection in the near future, since we’re starting to get more sources of resources between mining, woodcutting, and now spoils of combat. I think Tom’s mentioned the team’s beginning to look into storage and moving materials, so we’ll maybe see something soon in a future update…

oh, there also is a thread discussing the thought of having a non-military command for collecting,