"Collect now" command

In addition to the commands to gather, destroy, etc it would be nice to have an area command to instruct Hearthlings to place high priority on stockpiling certain resources.

For example, if there’s a pile of iron ore that I need that is far from my village, instructing Hearthlings to “Collect now” should cause them to drop what they’re doing, bring the iron ore to stockpiles, then return to their previous tasks.


Have you tried the loot command (military UI)?


I have not, does it have the same effect on things like mined ore?

Yeah it works on anything lying around in the world :slight_smile: .


currently it does, however im hoping they will eventually make it just for looting goblin/enemy camps, then they could implement something like this if they wanted to.

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Why would you make two ways of giving the same command? Would one have a higher priority or only effect footman?

True, but having one version of it appear in the military, and one in the harvesting menus would be helpful. Seems a little odd to go to military commands to tell my workers to pick up that wood in town :stuck_out_tongue: .

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my thinking with having two different ones was that,

one would be just for looting goblin/enemy camps, thus making it kinda military oriented

and the other to be for gathering things, making them higher priority then the rest. (as was suggested in the first post)

I agree! There should be a separate command to gather resources on the ground. :slight_smile:

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I think having a Collect now command would be cool but also to have it put priority over stuff like building ladders or building one house first instead of another one. If any of you have played the game Banished it would be like that command. It just a tool where you drag it over objects and it sets it as a higher priority.