Sweep command (pick stuff up)

so i have many berry bushes like 50 and they never have all the berries stored and also (w/ mods) apple trees are the same way and farmers, they leave stuff out and it gets annoying. sooo can we have a command that would get them to pick it up please and thanks

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If theyre on the ground and you own them, then a hearthling will automatically pick it up. I think your issue arises from the fact that this task is super low priority. A23 is slated to bring lots of AI improvements and I think the last DT mentioned that these tasks (both looting and collecting) are improved. So perhaps have patience, or…
What I normally do is turn off all tasks except “hauling” under the heathling window for a minute, that way every hearthling is picking up and looting, then I turn all tasks back on, and that seems to work well enough :slight_smile:


@Bock326 As Wharp stated turning off everything but hauling would be the easiest way to do that. It might actually be due to a lack of space to put it so make sure they have a place to haul all your loot off to.

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Ahh! good point! Yeah you need places to store the items! And that should definitely be chests, open stockpiles are baaaad.

yeah i have space but that command would be super useful but being able to change the priority this way or even like oxygen not included that would be fabulus

I have wanted a general selection box for doing multiple things at the same time for awhile now. this could be useful if it displays what is selected in a grouped list…
so if you selected 5 different types of trees for example but only want to chop down 1 specific tree type then you can do so much faster over a large area. the same could be done for hauling orders, saying I want all of these items to go to this storage

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I agree it would be nice to say leave all the stone and concentrate on ores. I believe this was being addressed but only to the point where the AI was smarter and focused on needed items. I can’t seem to find that link though…

Found it.
“Smarter Hearthlings” - Nov 6 Desktop Tuesday.

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I agree but right now in one of my games, I want only the stone, not the ore and stuff like that. as I said it would be great if we had a setup like oxygen not included, but back to the point can we get a sweep command.