Better AI: Working cleaner

A lot of time I give my workers a few order (cutting trees, building a house, mining, etc.) and they just work really messy. There are always logs, stone or harvested crops/flowers all over the place.

My suggestion would be that if, for example, a worker cuts down a tree, he puts all logs in the storage before cutting down the next tree. Sometimes a Hearthling can also carry multiple of the same item. Therefor he’d check if the tree he just cut down contains the amount of items he can carry. If the items that he gained is lower than what he can carry, he’ll then look around for another tree to cut down or other logs to pickup in a certain radius of the hearthling. Same goes for mining, harvesting, farming or hunting.

This way, the world is much cleaner and crafters will work much more efficiently.


I would think that would usually be less efficient. With the current system, as soon as the first log hits the ground, someone else can come pick it up, so while the worker is still chopping the tree, the carpenter can already be collecting crafting ingredients, or a worker can be collecting building materials, or simply someone can be hauling the goods away to restock. It may look messy, but it’s distributing the work across all your workers and prioritizing individual tasks based on their importance and convenience, which I would imagine is almost always more efficient.


I agree that a messy working environment needs to be fixed but I don’t mind the logger cutting all the trees and then cleaning up after or other workers cleaning up while he’s chopping them down.

The issue I’ve been having is there are items that my Hearthlings just won’t pick up no matter what. I can leave them for hours to just so everything they can first and items will still be on the ground even though I’ll stop harvesting and mining.

There needs to be a specific command for Pickup like the Loot command that for them to prioritize the selected items before going back to work. I tried everything I can think of and it’s driving me crazy.

Have you tried pausing/disabling their other work types besides hauling in the Citizens view? If they end up standing around idle, you may need more [accessible] storage that can accept those items.

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Yep, I’ve disabled, tried the loot option, made more containers, made more stockpiles… There are empty places and they just don’t want to grab them, even if I leave them alone for a long time to naturally finish their other stuff first. A pick-up button specific to prioritize an item would be nice for this.

Does saving and reloading work? Can you share the save file?

Saving and reloads don’t work. Give me a minute to figure out how to get the save file and some pictures of what I’m talking about. Uh, Do you need a list of the mods that I do have active? Most of them are just adding templates or auto harvesting bushes, nothing with the AI super directly.

I think this is the right one. I do have a bunch of ore and stone in my mine that needs to be picked up first since I had moved on… but here are some pictures as well of items that they haven’t touched since the begining of the game. Both piles are wood.

I’m not having any issues.

Those logs aren’t owned by you. I used the loot tool to issue a loot request, and the loot icons properly appeared above them. Then they started to get looted:

As soon as I set that wood storage area to also accept stone and ore, they began collecting it from the mine:

Yeah the stone wasn’t a problem, I had just gotten off the game right after mining so I hadn’t gotten to it yet. The wood wouldn’t accept me looting them. I don’t know if something else is stopping it on my end. Is there a way to clear the cache or something? If I can’t get it I’ll just delete it and cut my losses lol

Side question, How do I get the Hearthlings to go down the well and loot the items down there? They ignore that too.

Just loot/undeploy/move them. If you want them to put items in storage somewhere, make sure there’s space in storage for that particular type of item.

Whoa… I can only get them to stay down there if use my defend flag thingy. I’ll mess with it more :confused: I’m really out of practice, it’s been probably close to a year since I last played.

Sorry FloppyGaming for over taking your thread! :bowing_woman:t2: