Specific workers allocation


Here a suggestion about the workers:

at the moment the workers are just swinging from one place to the other in other to complete their list of tasks, would it be possible to allocate a worker to a specific task or area?

for example: in a very small area I have all the farm fields and the chef. I’ll would like to have a worker fulltime just to pick staff e put in the right boxes while other heartlings are working in different areas. this would save time to my farmer (at the moment apparently they don’t have enough time to harvest everything)

My city only has 25 people so far, but I have 3 different dining room (barracks, mine and the main one) half of them are almost empty despite the containers I put there just to hold food. At the same time, food is laying on the ground untouched while all my workers are gathering wood or mining.

P.s edited for a typo (yes, i did spot only one)


well firstly you have a few typos still lol

secondly i’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say. are you saying you want to be able to designate an area for a worker to patrol and complete tasks in specifically automatically? because the game already does that. workers will automatically pick up things from the floor if it’s something that they were looking for in the first place (for instance if you chop down a tree they’ll know that the tree is coming down and thus will pick up the logs that drop from that) however if an enemy camp spawns and it comes with logs in the camp they WON’T pick up those because they aren’t considered DROPPED and thus you must manually tell them to loot the logs. similarly if a worker drops something they were carrying around with them and it’s forgotten it’s likely that no other worker will pick it up unless you tell them to loot it and pick it up again. ultimately workers will pick up anything that’s in the queue for pick up but in the instance that it isn’t they’ll need direct orders to do so.

if you open the hearthling list of your town you could easily see what every hearthling is supposed do to. for example you’ll have “Haul” for all workers and other classes, but not for soldiers.

from what i understood from you message, if you want your farmer to simply tend to the field, you need just to uncheck the “Haul” coloumn from them.
they will still do their job, but will not haul any item. they will simply drop them on the ground and go on with their job.
when an item is on the ground, any idle hearthling will go there and get the item and move it to an appropriate stockpile.

sadly it is not possible to “reserve” an hearthling for “vegetable hauling”.