Hauling Differentiation


Could hauling as part of your job and just general hauling be separated? Specifically for Farmers and Trappers, I wouldn’t mind if they put up their own products, but letting them haul general items reduces their productivity. The farmer will let crops rot to do other tasks, and the trapper neglects his duties. It would be preferable that job related activities were always prioritized, too.

If you turn hauling off for them now, the farmer just dumps all the crops on the ground, and the trapper collects items until his backpack is full and then dumps them at random on the ground.

The game is still assigning excess haulers, too. The updates with the pathfinder are much better (not perfect, but at least 80% of where you would want them.)



Yes i agree, this issue is really in need of a fix :slight_smile:

I think before this we need pathfinding and job assignment to be fixed because why should a hearthling thats on the other side of town be sent for an item when an idle hearthling is sitting right next to it.


ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!! its frustrating and that’s why I don’t bother making multiple villages across the map when it doesn’t search for the nearest idle hearthling to complete a task. Like why?!

Like how difficult would it be to make it so when you set up a task a secondary window pops up showing all available hearthlings and you are given the option to select specific hearthlings to do the job rather than calling all of them to do the same task.

With the new pathing system for a21 we might see these kinds of changes come about. Don’t hold your breathe but maybe!

I would love if job related tasks, like crafting or harvesting (even those ordered by the player) had a higher priority than hauling. Not just for farmers, but also for the other crafters. Let them drop the items they produce, food baskets or chairs, where they are until all crafting (harvest, planting, etc…) orders have been fulfillled. Only then should they undertake hauling orders. This way the crafters efficiency would be much higher. And the need for a dedicated hauling force too.
Also It would be really nice if picking loot and normal hauling were differentiated. Loot should have a high priority while normal hauling should be one of the lowest priority tasks.
Just my thoughts.

Have Fun, Kyth.

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