What about an improvement in the "Haul/Build/Job" mechanic?

I was playing recently in the hard mode and manage to get to the 27 villagers size town, but the city becomes a mess because there are not much villagers getting things out of the ground and putting in the right places, this becomes a nightmare when you build something and have to wait a lot to get the item placed where you like. Even if you put the whole town to just Haul…

I dont know if that’s a problem with me just overcharging the town or a bug, because I’m getting a lot of idle villagers but eventually they do something.

I think that this should be improved, giving more control of what things have priority when transporting something. Like boxes, furniture and special itens have more priority to get transported than food, if you like. Or making certain classes give priority to its respectives itens, like the Carpenter giving priority to haul wood materials and wood furniture, or the workers giving more priority to haul placed itens by you in the map or in your building, etc.

That’s just a sugestion to make the game flows more fast than it is right now, but in overhaul it’s getting in to shape.

Please, say what you think, if you like the sugestion or not.

Assuming we get to the point where the player will have 5+ unpromoted worker hearthlings around the place I’d love to see a specialised Delivery-Carrying-Guy class. They’d not be able to build, but would carry a pack to carry more items than default and simply spend their time moving stuff around and collecting stuff. It’d be a nice thematic addition, and the player could have the agency to choose when they can afford to have a Hearthling designated purely to hauling.


Complementing with a cart or animal, it would be a formidable idea for taking a lot of materials at once!

Just put the “Conveyor” or “Haulier” to work and see every item in the ground be taken to its respectives places (boxes, chests), put him to just help bringing materials (rocks and woods) to near the building the others are putting together, or to just take a group of itens (furniture for example) and help putting them in the world.

I hope that the devs do not found this to complex for them to put in the game.
It will help a lot!


What about a special hauler unit provided by the Shepard. Like a packmule or pack horse. I know devs said we wont be able to ride horses (im pretty sure) so why not incorporate them somehow else. A horse hauling a cart or something. With saddlebags with a 64x space cap for long distance hauling. Just a thought :slight_smile:


I’d like something like “carry full boxes” from places to places. The supply rack is a good idea but takes too much times from the Hearthlings because they try to fill every supply racks.

One idea I had is to have some zones like “wood zone”, “stone zone” etc. And the haulier will puts some full chest in this area and takes the empty ones. It’s easy to fill a chest with stone, just put it in the mine. When it will be full, the haulier takes the chest and puts it in a “full stone chest” zone.

This is quite the same thing as the supply rack idea but chest by chest or crate by crate, it’s 32, 64 and even 128 items at a time.

This hauler can carry for exemple one chest at level 1, then 2, then 3. It would be awesome that he could have a donkey to carry those chests.

Of course, another needed feature would be a priority zone for the workers to carry. For exemple, you have cut some wood, you want all that wood in the crate as a priority to be able to give them to the carpenter.

Maybe the haulier can have this sort of ability, be able to draw a “priority zone” for the standard workers.


So basically you’re saying to have a few hearthlings with the packmule trait that have the build and mine jobs turned off in the citizen management screen? Already in the game :wink: :laughing:

I’m still hoping that the devs are still toying with the thought of adding craftable backpacks for workers. A packmule with a backpack that could hold a couple extra items would really go a long way to improve hauling more organically (though they need to fix the regurgitating of all backpack contents out of anxiety of chatting with someone that currently happens :laughing:)

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Man!!! This “regurgitating” of itens makes me angry! XD