Something to allow 1 worker to haul many things at once - a wheelbarrow?

after mining out an area, or chopping a bunch of trees, un-designating an area, or mass-ordering thread(or anything else) from a trader, there can be 100’s items needing to go from the same general area, to the same general destination.

There is already a mechanism for multiple blocks to be carried by a person.

Would it be possible to have a hauler trade, with a tool of a wheelbarrow, which would carry many (16? 32?) items in a single hit, but only deliver items to stockpiles; the hauler specilization would pick a stockpile, then run around and pick up all items destined for that stockpile and drop them off.

This ties into my other suggestions, relating to stockpiles sending items to each other, for establishing logistics chains over extended distances.


While it is very important that our Hearthlings be able to carry more at once, I don’t think there could be enough skills to unlock within that to justify its own Class. Instead, all Hearthlings (or at least the Gathering classes like Trappers) should be able to gain inventory, either by leveling up or by equipment boosts (backpacks?).

maybe class like “super worker” :smiley: or something like that, and that class is just like worker but he/she have more ability. “can carry 12/16/18/24 things to same time.” that would be usefull

trappers already have packpacks, they grow in size as the trapper levels up :smile:

and for that matter, all hearthlings have them, or at least used to have them, they use them when they loot stuff so they dont have to make a million trips back and forth from the goblin camp to your stockpile.

Right, by “should” I mean I think it is a feature, but seems like a hidden stat* at this point.

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Welcome to the discourse @andy_t_roo

I like your idea of a wheelbarrow, but like the others above I would opt for the wheelbarrow to be available to the standard worker class. Something which has to be carefully avoided is too many classes.


Alien Nations had wheelbarrows that could be assigned to carriers, therefore increasing their capacity. But as has been said, the concept is a bit flawed in the SH universe.

  • There’s no designated carrier job - every job can carry things, and if it’s only to their workbench. So would a carpenter get a wheelbarrow too to move stuff from/to his workshop?
  • How would level differences work? I mean, due to the voxely nature of the game, you can’t just have a ramp or something similar. Elevators for one block difference seem like an overkill, too.
  • How would wheelbarrows be assigned? Like clothes, i.e. first come first served? Or rather, which isn’t seen yet, some sort of select GUI (aka “Get a wheelbarrow, little chap”)?
  • What would happen if the worker had to abandon his stuff? Right now, if they need to run away quickly, they simply throw the items on the ground. How would that work with wheelbarrows? Do the items just disappear into a pocket dimension (like the trapper)? Does he abandon the wheelbarrow (and somebody else might use it afterwards)?

Those are all questions I’ve asked myself when the idea of Zulser came first up. I’ve opted for conveyor belts, because they effectively allow you to transport lot of items too, but without worrying about all the fine details of the AI.


Hi everybody !

I just saw the official announcement of crates implementation and I am so glad of that new feature for the next version.

But I had an idea which could go along quit nicely with crates:

Handcarts !

Why handcarts ? Well we already know that handcarts are pulled by persons and the carts contain items.

What I am suggesting is to add handcarts to allow hearthlings to fill them with crates or items and carry more items at once. So now let me show you an example.


Allows to carry more items for a hearthling at once

The walk speed of the hearthling is slowed, except of roads

The handcarts are destroyable by you and the enemies (If destroyed, its content is dropped on the ground)

The handcart would need to be built by an engineer, but the pieces to build it would be crafted by the carpenter

An that’s it, feel free to comment.


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But anyways a wheelbarrel would be nice to allow easier harvesting.

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I was gonna create my own post suggesting wheelbarrows, but lookitthat, there is one already : ).

So I’ve run into a problem a lot where each hearthling will run from the center of my town aaaaaall the way out to the edge of the map where there is wood to gather. Needless to say, this takes a long time - especially since each hearthling does this.

It would be really nice if you could make a wheelbarrow which a hearthling worker could push around to carry more supplies.

  • Only workers could push them, and only if they have ‘Haul’ enabled.

  • Any hearthling could place or remove items in the cart - to fill it up with the required substance or to unload it into the actual storage areas.

  • It would be nice to assign this to a specific hearthling, but isn’t necessary by any means.

  • Ideally a hearthling would be able to use the cart on its own, but for micro-managing purposes, it could work like this:
    – A hearthling would push the cart out into the world to the location which it is hauling things.
    — Any nearby hearthling who is hauling nearby would prioritize filling the cart rather than running back to base.
    – Once the cart is full, the responsible hearthling would push the cart back to town and unload it into an actual storage area.
    — Any nearby hearthling who is hauling nearby would help unload the cart as well.

I agree, a class for the wheelbarrow pusher doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I would keep it only on workers just for simplicity’s sake.
For movement, I would just keep the wheelbarrow small visually and then not worry about the movement that much - it might clip into something, but that’s not the worst thing ever. Think of it how giant lizards are able to climb itty bitty ladders.
I would suggest assigning wheelbarrows like clothes - first come first served. Also the same as solder weapons and armor. I would prefer to assign all of these things out manually but… shrug.
If the worker abandoned the wheelbarrow, the supplies would just sit there - similar to if they drop the stuff they are carrying and run. The only difference is that this thing would have stuff inside it. If it was destroyed by an enemy, then the wheelbarrow would be broken and all the supplies inside would be placed on the ground nearby - which could then be destroyed as well.

I like that point - would make it slightly more of a ‘later game’ aspect : ).